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Cervical Cancer is completely preventable


  • yet thousands of women die each year due to cervical cancer


Protect yourself against cervical cancer!


  • Cervical cancer is highly preventable through regular screening.
  • Cervical cancer is almost always caused by a common virus: human papillomavirus (HPV).
  • Most women will have HPV at some point in their lives, but few will develop cervical cancer.
  • Screening for cervical cancer can be done by getting a Pap Smear test if you're younger than 30 or a Pap and HPV test if you're 30 or older.
  • A Pap test looks for cell changes in the cervix that might lead to cancer. The HPV test looks for the virus that causes cervical cancer. When used together, the Pap and HPV test can better identify women needing early intervention to prevent cervical cancer.
  • In addition, an HPV vaccine is now available for girls and women ages 9-26. Although the vaccine will help prevent many HPV infections, screening will still be needed to prevent cervical cancer.


How do I get screened?


  1. Pap smear: A Pap smear test looks for cell changes in your cervix that may lead to Cervical Cancer. Liquid-based Pap Tests are better at finding early cell changes than the traditional Pap smear.


  1. HPV Test:An HPV Test can assess your risk of developing Cervical Cancer. An HPV Test can be used with a Pap smear test in women 30 and older or as a follow-up to inconclusive Pap Test results in women under 30.


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