Annual & Periodic Health Check

Periodic workplace health checks and education strategies can significantly reduce employee health risk and thereby reduce loss of productivity. The customized periodic health check may include a comprehensive review of medical history; lifestyle assessment; review of vaccination status; complete physical examination and an extensive range of screening tests, followed by recommendations to maintain and improve health

The HR health reporting system can provide reports of individual employees and collated results on the overall health of the workforce.

Industries we serve

Oil & Gas, Energy, Chemical, Transportation & Logistics, Aviation, Finance, IT, Construction, Manufacturing, Food services, Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), Hospitality

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange periodic health check for our employees?

Once you decide for a periodic health check, it would be important to classify your employees risk for diseases based on the type of work they do, age group, seniority in the organization etc. Our Occupational health department, with the support of the Occupational Health Specialist will be able to design a suitable health check for each group, based on your budget for this activity. The check may be arranged over a period of days depending on the number of employees. The employees will then have to visit uniCare to undergo the check. The client either pays directly or the contracted organization may be invoiced.

How quickly can you get an appointment for periodic health checks?

uniCare has a dedicated occupational health department. Therefore you can get appointments at very short notice.

How long does it take to get the reports?

The usual turnaround time for health checks is 48 to 72 hours.

What happens if there are any medical issues noted during medical examination?

A periodic health examination is done to assess the employees overall health status. The information gained from the examination will allow the doctor to give them specific recommendations about how they can prevent disease and maintain good health. This procedure helps in identifying problems early on so that steps may be taken to prevent any potential health issues from getting worse. If the doctor notices something concerning during the exam, they can then order necessary tests or perform other procedures to investigate the problem further. uniCare has wide range of specialists, who can assess and initiate treatment if necessary.

What should an employee do/ bring along when attending the periodic health check?

  • Since health checks require a fasting blood sample test, the prospective candidate should come to the centre having fasted for at least 10 hours. A glass or two of water may be consumed.
  • Photo ID – either national identity card or passport
  • Medical reports from previous doctors if they have had any serious medical condition
  • Completed medical questionnaire issued by the company or provided by uniCare.

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