15 Amazing Facts About Your Brain!

  Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign that aims to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. And it’s happening right now!   The brain is a versatile organ with a crucial functioning that has consciousness, communication and cognition under its control. Emotions, Feelings and Memories all are regulated by the brain. Let us enlighten ourselves this Brain Awareness Week - About this extremely crucial organ of our body!  

Here are 15 amazing facts you didn’t know about your brain.

  • 1. Each neuron is connected to other neurons by up to 40,00o synapses. Multiplying 100 billion neuron times 40,000 synapses is equivalent to the brain having more connections than the stars in the universe.
  • 2. Your brain uses 20% of total oxygen in your body.
  • 3. While awake your brain generates between 10 to 23 watts of power or just enough energy to power a light bulb.
  • 4. The human brain is the fattest organ in the body consisting of at least 60% fat.
  • 5. Children who learn two languages before the age of five alters the brain structure as adults have a much denser grey matter.
  • 6. The brain is made up of about 75% water.
  • 7. Your brain consists of about 100 billion neurons.
  • 8. It is thought that a yawn works to send more oxygen to the brain, therefore working to cool it down and wake it up.
  • 9. A piece of brain tissue the size of a grain of sand contains 100,000 neurons and 1 billion synapses, all 'talking' to one another.
  • 10. Information in your brain travels at about 268 miles per hour, unless of course you are drunk, then things really slow down.
  • 11. On average you have 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts a day.
  • 12. Grey Matter is actually pink too and it's primarily associated with processing and cognition.
  • 13. Although sensations and feelings are processed in our brain, the brain itself cannot feel pain, as it lacks pain receptors. Headaches come from pain receptors in our head, hence the name headaches and not brainaches.
  • 14. We yawn after someone else did because we have cells in our brain called mirror neurons. If this part of the brain is damaged, a person finds it hard to socialize and communicate with others.
  • 15. Your brain didn't stop developing when you turned 18, it continued developing well into your 20's and continues to change throughout your life.
  Brain exercises can improve mental fitness, stimulate memory and lead to a good time. Just as you work out your body, you also need to exercise your brain to keep it sharp.  

Here are 10 fun things you can do right now to celebrate Brain Awareness Week.

  • -  Boggle your brain with a bunch of fun brain teasers and tricks.
  • -  Browse recipes so you can cook up a brain healthy meal.
  • -  Debunk some common brain myths and get the real facts.
  • -  Learn about different kinds of memory and how you can improve yours.
  • -  Call a friend and plan some time to socialize.
  • -  Learn about some super strange brain facts.
  • -  Improve your memory just by taking a break.
  • -  Find out what happens to your brain when you fall in love.
  • -  Get your heart rate up and get the blood flowing to the brain.
  • -  Play a practical joke on someone you love – it’s good for the brain.
  •   Let us support the progress and research advances in the functioning of brain through this Brain Awareness Week. Follow our hashtag #UMCBrainAwareness for more amazing facts and tips about your brain.

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