10 Tips for Raising A Child With Asthma

Raising a child with asthma does not have to be demanding. With proper guidance and monitoring, most children with asthma can enjoy all of the same activities as other children. Here are our top 10 tips for raising a child with asthma:   1. The basic advice you may have probably already heard, but is worth repeating, is to identify the triggers for your child’s asthma and avoid them as much as possible. 2. Be mindful of dust. Vacuum often, wash sheets and comforters once a week. Installing hardwood floors or tiles instead of carpets are some of the steps you can take to avoid triggering asthma. 3. Stay hydrated. Keeping the lungs hydrated can be a tremendous help with asthma. 4. Use a humidifier. Dryness of the air in the winter can increase coughing, thus increasing inflammation. 5. Have your child take a shower before bed to get rid of any allergens - outdoor, animal, etc. 6. Remain calm. This advice applies during asthma flares or an attack. Asthma can be strongly related to emotional triggers. If kids feel stressed or afraid, the breathing difficulties can increase. 7. Have you child get lots of vitamin C. Naturally occurring in fruit, or as a supplement. (after consulting a doctor) 8. Avoid food additives and fried foods. Especially during flare-ups, avoid any heavy, greasy, fried dishes. 9. During flare-ups, keep your child hydrated with WARM liquids. Cold can jolt the lungs into a spasm. 10. Rest during asthma flare-ups. Any extra movement – talking, running, etc. is more work on the lungs, thereby stressing them. If you have any further questions, Please feel free to call us on +971 4 3529292 To book an appointment with our specialist pediatricians.   Connect with uniCare Medical Centre on


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