Why It Is Important to Chew Your Food?

It is important to really chew your food when you are eating! Many of us are always in a rush trying to get so much done in so little time and we end up eating way too fast! But it is important to chew your food and eat slower. Why It Is Important to Chew Your Food: • You are able to absorb more nutrients and energy from your food since the food is better broken down and easier to digest. Since you chew more, the food has more exposure to saliva, which helps to break down food. • You eat less since you chew more, and therefore, eat slower, giving your body more time to realize that you are full. • It benefits your teeth by keeping them strong and the saliva produced helps to keep your teeth clean. • It makes digestion much easier and faster. • You can enjoy your meals more! How can you start chewing slower? • Pay attention when you are eating and make sure you are not rushing. • Take smaller bites • Finish chewing before you take another bite • Aim to chew your food until it loses texture and is liquefied. • Foods with a crunch help to satisfy your desire to eat because they take longer to eat! • Eat mindfully! Source: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/07/31/chewing-foods.aspx

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