Careers overview

uniCare group consists of a network of multi-specialty outpatient medical centers, pharmacies and a referral laboratory. Established in 1995, the uniCare brand has steadily grown to be recognized as a reputed health care group in Dubai.

The people working with us are our greatest asset. Our organizational culture ingrained with values of excellence, integrity, innovation and happiness inspires people working us to be their best. When you’re part of uniCare, you give your best to take care of others — and we give our best to make a difference in yours. We offer a work environment that promotes professional growth through training programs and a comprehensive benefits package.

Dubai is a city of diversity and vitality and is home to cultures from all over the world. This modern cosmopolitan city is safe and secure and offers a variety of choices to suit your lifestyle.


The benefits mentioned below highlights the key elements of our remuneration package. The range and of benefits may vary depending on the role and the individual’s unique personal circumstances. A qualifying period may apply for certain benefits. Should you be shortlisted our recruitment officer can provide further details.

The following benefits are applicable to all Staff:

Competitive Tax Free Salary

Salaries are benchmarked for all employees against relevant Industries and are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they remain competitive.

Accommodation/Accommodation Allowance

Company Transport/Transport Allowance

Other Allowances and Incentives

For certain roles there are additional allowances and incentives payable that recognizes the unique nature of their role

Leave Tickets/Allowance

Annual leave tickets or an allowance is provided to approved leave destinations for the employee and their eligible dependants subject to policy.

Education Support Allowance

Financial support towards the payment of tuition fees is provided to staff in more senior positions.

Medical Insurance

Subject to company policy

End of service gratuity

Employees are entitled to an End of Service Gratuity as per UAE labour law