Dr. Anil Awatramani

Practice Focus Area

  • Assessment of patients with undefined symptoms and complaints - to help in diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Initial management of acute medical problems and arrange collaborative care
  • Assess and recommend management for diseases of the digestive system, kidney diseases, respiratory system disorders, nervous system, skin, allergy and immunity related problems.
  • Immunization and Travel Vaccination for adults and children
  • Preventive health care and lifestyle advice
  • Annual/Periodic Health Checks
  • Aviation Medical Examinations (GCAA)


Year Degree Institute
Graduate Medical Qualification Grant Medical College, University of Bombay, India
Post Graduate Qualification Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow)Royal College of General Practitioners (UK)

Available During

Day Time
Sat Not Available -
Sun 09:00 - 16:30
Mon 09:00 - 12:30
Mon 17:00 - 20:30
Tue 09:00 - 12:30
Wed 09:00 - 12:30
Wed 17:00 - 20.30
Thu 09:00 - 16:30
Fri 09:00 - 16:00

Dr. Anil Awatramani is a renowned Family Medicine doctor at uniCare Medical Centre in Dubai. He graduated with an M.B., B.S. degree from Grant Medical College, University of Bombay. He holds postgraduate qualifications from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow and the Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Patient Assessment and Diagnosis: Dr. Awatramani excels in diagnosing patients with undefined symptoms, ensuring accurate identification of underlying health issues.
  • Acute Medical Management: He handles the initial management of acute medical problems, providing immediate and effective care.
  • Chronic Disease Management: His expertise includes managing diseases affecting various systems like digestive, kidney, respiratory, nervous, and immune systems.
  • Preventive Care: Dr. Awatramani emphasizes preventive healthcare, offering lifestyle advice and routine health checks to prevent illnesses.
  • Immunization and Vaccination: He administers immunizations and travel vaccinations, ensuring patients are protected from various diseases.
  • Health Checks: He conducts annual and periodic health checks, helping to maintain and monitor overall health.
  • Aviation Medical Examinations: As a certified examiner, he performs GCAA aviation medical exams for pilots and aviation personnel.

Professional Approach:

Dr. Awatramani is dedicated to providing personalized healthcare services. He focuses on early diagnosis and effective management of health conditions. His approach includes collaborative care, working with specialists to ensure comprehensive treatment plans for his patients.


  • Sunday: 09:00 – 16:30
  • Monday: 09:00 – 12:30, 17:00 – 20:30
  • Tuesday: 09:00 – 12:30
  • Wednesday: 09:00 – 12:30, 17:00 – 20:30
  • Thursday: 09:00 – 16:30
  • Friday: 09:00 – 16:00

Dr. Awatramani’s commitment to patient care, his extensive medical knowledge, and his proactive approach to healthcare make him a distinguished Family Medicine specialist. He strives to deliver high-quality medical care, focusing on the well-being and health of his patients through preventive measures, timely interventions, and continuous health monitoring.