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Dr. Anvar Habeeb

M.B., B.S. M.S (Ortho) DNB (Ortho) MCH

Physician-Specialist- Orthopedic Surgery

Practice Focus Area

  • Acute and chronic Bone and Joint Disease (Arthritis)
  • Acute/Chronic low back pain and neck pain
  • Initial definitive management of fractures, injuries and accidents.
  • Evaluation and management of chronic low back pain
  • Management of osteoporosis, osteomalacia, rickets, growth problems
  • Provide advice on orthopedic , postural care and physio.
  • Aviation orthopedic specialist.
  • Care for foot disorders, deformation, medical insole recommendation.
  • Specialist in sports injuries and joint replacement.


Graduate Medical Qualification: Government medical college, Calicut University, India -
Post Graduate Qualification: Government SCB Medical College, Utkal University, India -

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