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Dr. Sami Mohammed


Physician – General Practitioner

Practice Focus Area

  • Comprehensive Family Care: Providing holistic, preventive care and personalized treatment plans for all family members with, Accessible Healthcare: Offering teleconsultations, home consultations, and in-clinic appointments for patients' convenience.
  • Multilingual Communication: Fluent in English, Arabic, Amharic, and Basic Hindi for effective patient communication.
  • Emergency and Urgent Care: Expertise in handling critical situations, ensuring prompt attention and care.
  • Asthma Management: Proficient in diagnosing, treating, and managing asthma for optimal patient outcomes.
  • Hypertension and Diabetes Care: Skilled in addressing and managing blood pressure and diabetes through tailored lifestyle modifications.
  • Infectious Diseases: Experienced in diagnosing and treating various infectious diseases for comprehensive patient care.
  • Minor Surgical Procedures: Competent in performing minor surgical procedures, expanding the range of available healthcare solutions.


Medical Degree MD: Hayat College -
practical and internship: St.Paul Medical University and Hospital -

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