Drug & Alcohol Screening (On/Off site)

Drug and alcohol screenings offer vital protection of employee and public safety. Our team of certified, experienced drug and alcohol screening professionals are available to perform urine and blood screenings at our clinic location and/or on-site at the place of employment.

Drug and Alcohol Screenings may be advisable or are necessary for:

  • For new hires, to ensure that the individual meets the criteria for your company’s drug policy.
  • Reasonable suspicion. Drug and/or alcohol screening may be conducted if there is a reason (based on fact and reasonable deduction) to believe an employee may be using alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Random. Random drug testing without prior notification is widely used to screen employees for drug and/or alcohol use. Random drug testing is mandatory for pilots and certain other occupations

Types of Drug and Alcohol Screenings available

  • Urine Drug Screen (UDS)
  • Blood Alcohol Screen
  • Customized panels can also be created

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