Occupational Ergonomic Assessment

The goal of an ergonomic assessment is to identify risk factors that may lead to musculoskeletal disorders or injuries and quantify them so that you can make measurable improvements in the work environment in the work environment. A thorough ergonomic assessment is the foundation for creating a safer, healthier, less injury-prone workplace and improving overall workplace wellness. After g an ergonomic assessment is made by our Occupational Health Specialist, the HR department can take data-backed steps to reduce injury and increase comfort in their workplace. Some possible modifications for the office could include providing standing desks, adjustable chairs and workstations, footrests, ergonomic keyboards, lumbar support, adjustable workstations, occupational therapy, and training to improve neck and shoulder posture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps in involved in conducting an ergonomic assessment at the workplace?

  • Fix an appointment with our Occupational Health Specialist to conduct on site assessment. The number of days required may depend on number of employees and type of job that needs to be assessed
  • Our occupational Health Specialist may require additional information – which may have to be provided by the HR department
  • On site assessment by the specialist – interview of the workforce individually to understand typical workday demands, patterns of behavior and movement, assess the users current set up and provide immediate recommendations
  • The Occupational Health Specialist will provide a detailed report and recommendations usually within three working days
  • A follow up assessment is conducted by email with the HR department and individually with the workforce after 2 weeks.

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