Corporate Health Services

Our corporate health services are managed by a multidisciplinary team led by an Occupational Medicine Specialist. Our services include premium health assessments for business leaders and managers; job related employee assessments; rehabilitation of workers; on site wellness programs, aeromedical and off shore workers assessments. With facilities for physical fitness assessment, drug and alcohol testing and tailor made programs for unique occupational health needs with HR health reporting systems our services cover a wide range of occupational health requirements.

Pre-employment medical checks

uniCare has extensive experience in pre-employment medical screening, working with many leading organizations within and outside the UAE. The checks may be customized based on the job profile of the candidate. Our pre-employment screening is geared towards providing a seamless service for organizations and include pick up of candidates to delivery of reports with a turnaround time not exceeding 48 hours for normal reports.

Annual/Periodic Health Checks

Periodic workplace health checks and education strategies can significantly reduce employee health risk and thereby reduce loss of productivity.

The customized periodic health check may include a comprehensive review of medical history; lifestyle assessment; review of vaccination status; complete physical examination and a extensive range of screening tests, followed by recommendations to maintain and improve health

The HR health reporting system can provide reports of individual employees and collated results on the overall health of the workforce.

Employee Health Screening

Health screenings are mass campaigns conducted on site or off site aimed at identifying common health issues. On site screenings encourage more employee participation and awareness of the importance of health maintenance.

Common health screenings include blood pressure check, sugar & cholesterol checks, body mass index, vision & hearing tests and specific screening related to workplace exposure