Dr. Raed Safarini

Practice Focus Area

  • A) Head: 1- Abscess and lumps. 2- Ear piercing. 3- Cosmetic cut wounds suturing for adults and Childrens.
  • B) Neck: 1- Thyroid surgery (goiter). 2- Abscess and lumps. 3- Lymph nodes excision. 4-Thyroglossal cysts surgery.
  • C) Chest: 1- Breast conditions, initial assessment and examination of benign/malignant and Breast Surgery for benign    conditions. 2- Swelling, lumps and bumps. 3- Abscess.
  • D) Abdomen: 1- Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (Gallbladder stone removal surgery). 2- Inflammation of appendix (appendicitis) removal (lap. & open appendectomy). 3- Abdominal wall hernia repair (Repair of groin (inguinal, femoral) and ventral hernia (umbilical, paraumbilical, epigastric, incisional) laparoscopic and open methods surgeries. 4- Abdominal pain assessment and management. 5- Umbilicus (Belly Button) piercing.
  • E) Limbs and back: 1- Wounds management especially in diabetic foot and bedridden patients. 2- Pilonidal sinus surgery (open and close “Karydaki's flap reconstruction” methods).   3- Diabetic foot infection treatment and surgery. 4- Ganglion excision.  5- Varicose veins management and surgeries. 6- Lipoma excision (fatty lump that's most often situated below your skin). 7- Clinic based procedures such as: excision of skin lesions, skin moles, skin cysts, lumps and bumps, ingrown toe nails…etc. 8- Removal of rings impacted in fingers.
  • F) Private parts: 1- Anal disorders surgery (hemorrhoids (piles), anal fissure, fistula, skin tags and perianal abscess). 2 – Circumcision (traditional and cap methods).

Expert General Surgeon in Dubai: Dr. Raed Safarini

Dr. Raed Safarini is a distinguished general surgeon in Dubai at uniCare Medical Centre. His extensive expertise covers various surgical procedures, ensuring top-quality patient care.

Comprehensive Surgical Expertise

Dr. Safarini is committed to providing the highest standard of surgical care through continuous learning and professional development. His dedication to advancing surgical techniques ensures top-tier outcomes for patients. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and compassionate care, Dr. Safarini stands out as a premier choice for those seeking expert surgical treatment in Dubai.

Personalized Treatment Plans

At uniCare Medical Centre, Dr. Safarini’s practice is built on a foundation of trust and patient satisfaction. He believes in creating individualized treatment plans that address each patient’s unique health concerns. His approach combines the latest surgical advancements with a deep understanding of patient needs, ensuring optimal results and a positive healthcare experience.

For those in need of expert surgical care, Dr. Safarini’s extensive experience and commitment to excellence make him an ideal choice

Professional Development

Committed to continuous learning, Dr. Safarini stays at the forefront of surgical advancements. This dedication to professional development allows him to provide the highest standard of care. His ongoing education ensures he employs the latest techniques and technologies in his practice.

Why Choose Dr. Safarini?

  • Thyroid Surgeries: Expertly handles thyroid disorders requiring surgical intervention.
  • Breast Surgeries: Specializes in procedures for various breast conditions.
  • Abdominal Surgeries: Proficient in complex abdominal operations.
  • Hernia Repairs: Offers both traditional and laparoscopic hernia repair techniques.
  • Minimally Invasive Surgeries: Focuses on laparoscopic procedures to minimize recovery time and discomfort.

Patient-Centric Approach

Dr. Safarini believes in building trust with his patients. He ensures clear communication and thorough explanations of treatment options. This approach helps patients make informed decisions about their health.

To learn more about Dr. Raed Safarini or to schedule an appointment, visit the uniCare Medical Centre.